LWOP One Work

Single cabin for work

Cubicles can effectively increase productivity and eliminate distractions in the workplace. However, this creates specific requirements, especially in terms of sound insulation.

Easy to assemble, placed anywhere in the office, and can be taken with you when moving.
LWOP ONE WORK – single-seat soundproof cabin
Stages of work
Coordination of equipment and color scheme
Conclusion of the contract and payment
Delivery, assembly, packaging disposal
30 Db
At the booth
60 Db
Office Open space noise
The reduction in speech audibility outside the LWOP booth is 30 dB.
Cabins with this level of sound insulation can be placed near workstations in the office, and people working nearby will not be able to hear what is being discussed inside the booth.
Work functions

External dimensions (W×D×H):

Internal dimensions (W×D×H):

Effective sound absorption index:
1 person

1500×1000×2364 mm

1272x882x2070 mm

>30 dB
1 человек

1100×1000×2426 мм

>30 дБ
Concentration at work
Conducting video meetings and webinars
Making private phone calls
The sound background of working in an open office is 60–70 dB.
LWOP cabins reduce it to 30 dB - a comfortable noise level for humans. Conversation inside the cabin is reduced to the volume of a whisper and is barely audible from outside.
Capacity: 1 person

External dimensions (W×D×H): 1500×1000×2364 mm

Internal dimensions (W×D×H):1272x882x2070 mm

Effective sound absorption index:>30 dB

Supply and exhaust silent ventilation – 8 pcs.
Double tempered glass in aluminum profile, 4 + 4 mm
With a transparent wall, glass – 10 mm
Flooring – carpet tiles
Off two-key – 1 pc., 220 W – 1 pc. USB – 1 pc., Type C – 1 pc.
Ceiling lamp 4000K – 1 pc.
Table 41 mm, hooks for bags – 3 pcs.
Adjustable feet
We are cautious about the packaging of our products. Rest assured that everything will be delivered to you safe and sound.
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