Soundproof booths for comfortable work and meetings

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  • 2016
    We have been manufacturing booths since  2016
  • 3 218
    This number of booths has been installed throughout Russia and the CIS countries to date.
  • 629
    So many companies have provided employees with the opportunity to work and negotiate in LWOP booths

What solutions does it offer?

A soundproof booth can help employees overcome several problems related to noise and external disturbances in the workplace.


The soundproof cabin has soundproofing properties, which reduces the impact of external noise on employees. This is especially useful in areas with high noise levels, such as open-plan offices or areas with many sound sources.


A lot of noise and activity around you can be distracting and make it difficult to concentrate on your work. A soundproof booth can create a calmer, more focused environment, which can help employees stay focused and be more productive


Sometimes, employees may need to work with sensitive data or conduct private conversations. The soundproof booth provides privacy and reduces the risk of intercepting or disclosing information.


Improved sound insulation can help reduce stress and fatigue from constant noise exposure. This, in turn, enhances the comfort and well-being of workers.
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Soundproof booths for comfortable work and meetings

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